NewApK»Fling! v1.1.4.1

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Fling! v1.1.4.1

Android Market App: 1.6

Android Market App: , top-selling, unique puzzle-game. Suitable ages !

A #1 selling app's AppStore, a million paid sales, Fling! finally available - 've made t NewApK»Fling! v1.1.4.1 even better than NewApK»Fling! v1.1.4.1 !

Fling! addictive puzzle-game based a simple, unique concept, which while simple time infinitely challenging. Ideal ages.

Featuring over 100,000 unique puzzles, such two puzzles , in levels increasing difficulty, Fling guarantees long hours fun!

Each puzzle single, unique solution, solved flinging (pushing) , them bump off screen, until .


FREE-PLAY mode - play own pace, while tracks track puzzles solved/failed, allowing browse puzzle-solving history back previously solved/unsolved puzzle to (re-)solve it!

ARCADE mode - race against , solving puzzles -increasing difficulty runs out!

CHALLENGE mode - solve sets within a given amount , while trying best times level!

FRENZY mode - new survival mode - keep from filling flinging same-colored balls off !

Android Market App :

HINTs when stuck

Game music, which automatically switches itself off when playing other music iPod/iPhone

Local+Global high-scores lists - compete against ! ( Android) players

Automatic saving - always come back where it!

Themes - get from staring furballs? Try playing marbles four other themes instead!

Simple tutorial - you'll be solving Fling! puzzles within seconds !

Multiple language support - english, french, italian, german, spanish, japanese, chinese

Gameplay + instructions video - T allowed : ★ 3.e {mochyn} search iphone

What's NewApK»Fling! v1.1.4.1 : (Updated : Sep 21, 2013)

Added Google Play support Saves, Achievements,


Download NewApK»Fling! v1.1.4.1 :

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